Great Example of Local Marketing to Women

I’d like to take all the credit, but really… just call me a catalyst for change. All of my WonderBranding students are amazing achievers.  Just the fact that they take several days out of their insanely busy schedules, fly to Austin, AND pay tuition shows their commitment to growing their business through marketing to women. […] Read more »

2008: Year of Transition

You’d have to be living under a mushroom to not be aware of headlines that scream, “The Sky is Falling – Recession On Its Way!” and news of multi-billion dollar write-offs by major financial institutions. This weekend, the Trickle-Down Effect kicked in. Gold broke an all-time high barrier of $900 per ounce, and is predicted […] Read more »

Meatball Sundae: Interview With Seth Godin

If you’ve been reading my posts about Your Business in 2008 and you’re an avid business book reader, you’ve probably recognized that I’ve been writing about the undeniable trends that are changing the landscape of future profit – trends that popular author and big thinker Seth Godin runs up the flag pole in his latest […] Read more »

Your Business in 2008 – Part 3

A colleague recently shared an article he’s writing for a major business magazine.  He quotes these statistics, which should have alarm bells attached to them: According to Edelman PR, between 2003 and 2006 the value of customer opinion increased from 20% to 68%. Deloitte & Touche reports that 62% of consumers read peer-written product reviews […] Read more »

Your Business in 2008 – Part 2

Are you brave enough to stand naked in front of the world? Metaphorically speaking, of course… and naked not as an individual, but as a business. Are you confident enough in the relationship that you have with your customers and passionate enough about what you believe that you are willing to sometimes show your vulnerable, […] Read more »

Your Business in 2008 – Part I

The Center for Media Research says online shopping has hit the tipping point: In 2005, 51 percent of adults said they’d made a purchase online. In 2006, it jumped to 58 percent. In 2007, it hit 64 percent. Jackie is still amazed at the number of businesses… great businesses… that still don’t have a strong […] Read more »