Me & Home Depot on CNBC

I got a call a few days ago from CNBC, asking if they could send a crew to my house to film me for an upcoming piece on the new women-centric Home Depot stores that are opening today.  They spent nearly two hours at the house, and ended up using exactly six seconds of footage.  If you’d like to watch "Home Improvement for the Ladies," click here.  But don’t blink, or you’ll miss me.

The piece was also supposed to be on the Today show, but we got bumped for the Kentucky Fried Chicken manager who fended off a robber with his bare hands.  Welcome to the world of television.

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  1. But it was a great six seconds! Way to go.

  2. abi says:

    Congratulations Michele! This is pretty exciting and it just may be the beginning of more expert opportunities for you. Very excited for you!

  3. Harry Joiner says:

    It’s was quick — but awesome. My experience is that if you can do one of these things and make a good impression, the producers will call you for future stories.
    Plus, I presume they have more footage in the can of you saying intelligent things about marketing to women. Don’t be surprised if that footage shows up somewhere in the future.
    Either way, you looked mahvelous!

  4. abigail hunter says:

    That is so cool! I remember watching you, however briefly, and thought, “I want that hair!”
    I was wondering how well you think those 6 seconds did in bringing people to your site? Other than those of us who have posted, do you have any signs that your TV appearance made a difference in your business?
    I run several businesses that market predominantly to women, but unlike your post about Home Depot, et. al., I don’t take a particularly nurturing/caretaker market and exploit it. It’s a hard market to reach, however. Right now, I’m doing a lot of online marketing (I used Glyphius to help narrow down my sales pitch which has made a big difference). How have you measured your TV appearance in relation to hits and sales?
    Thanks and congrats!

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