My Kind of Research on Marketing to Women

What kind of research have you conducted when it comes to marketing to women?  As you may have read in one of my articles, I’m not over the moon about focus groups or ambush-them-in-the-mall surveys. 

Kevin Burke is my new hero.  He’s the founder of Lucid Marketing, which specializes in marketing to moms.  And in an honest attempt to get inside a mother’s head, he wore a 33 lb. pregnancy suit everyday for the month leading up to Mother’s Day.  He worked in it, played in it, slept in it… and gained insight on many things he’d never before considered.

I asked Kevin how this has helped him to understand “marketing to moms” better:

“As marketers, we are strive to be in tune with our customer’s thoughts and actions.  When I started this project, I was hoping to gain a better understanding and stronger appreciation for the challenges that women encounter while pregnant, even though the experience came nowhere close to duplicating what a woman experiences. 

It ended up that I learned more from the new conversations, blog comments, and emails with other moms than from actually wearing the suit.  The variety of stories and pregnancy experiences boiled down to a single principle: assuming to know what a woman is experiencing and how she is feeling about her pregnancy is likely a mistake.  This knowledge hopefully better equips me to further my understanding of women, getting in tune, and not assuming.”

If you’re serious about marketing to women, this is the kind of stuff you have to do to really and understand and reach out. 

Kevin Burke is the MAN!

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  1. You know,
    In an era where a lot of decisions about marketing to moms are made by single 30 something men who “go off their gut” I just have to applaud Kevin. He’s using his “gut” in a whole new way.
    Can this even come close to what it’s really like to be pregnant? of course not.
    But the sheer fact that he went to this length to try to gain understanding – that speaks volumes.
    and he has Boston Terriers – I just gotta like this guy.

  2. Kyle King says:

    Well, I burst into tears watching that vid. I’ve been pregnant many times, (have 5 live and now almost all adult children), and throughout those times of pregnancy, I often felt like a cow. My kid’s father obviously couldn’t have begun to understand how I felt, and wasn’t all that compassionate with my inability to do many things very well.
    I want to say that the tears were due to how loving it appears for this dad to have taken it upon himself to at least try to get a sense of what his partner may feel like, which probably is one of the most loving things I have seen a man do for his partner, and I was moved.
    On a professional note, clarity about what our market feels, needs and wants really isn’t a cerebral thing, it is a feeling thing. This is a method for a man to understand what is essentially a purely female experience – and probably offered a remarkable sense of compassion and a new “feeling” place for him to be informed through.
    Guess I’ll have to let that all go, the emotion, and just settle into gratitude that men are just as dynamic and interested in change as women.
    Always love your blog, Thanks!
    Kyle King

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