Happy Mother’s Day

Sittin’ and chillin’ for a few minutes on this beautiful Friday afternoon, having released all aggression in this morning’s kickboxing class.  So, it’s the middle of May already.  My mom was right – the older you get, the faster time flies.  Easy to reject when you’re in your 20’s, but when you’re in your 40’s, you start getting nervous about how it’s going to be when you hit 60, 70, 80, and 90…

Mother’s Day is nigh upon us, and I want to wish each and every mother out there the most joyous of days.  I dearly hope your loved ones show an extra helping of appreciation, be it in the form of flowers, cards, dinner or a Mercedes McLaren.

I have been a good girl and ordered flowers for on-time delivery for a change (I actually sent them one week early by mistake a couple of years ago!).  But, in addition, I wanted to do something extra special.  Which is challenging, considering my mom lives three time zones from mine. 

This year, I set my mother’s name in bronze, to be viewed forever by a parade of brides and big thinkers.


My mother is a Belle of La Mancha – one of 48 very special women whose name will be, as this page says, “embedded forever” in the wall you see the sketch of here, “signifying the marvelous nature of women to give selflessly to others… a symbol to visitors of how the women of our world make life so much better for the rest of us.”

Mom, your name should never be allowed to fade.  And now it won’t.  You are the grandest dame, the belle of the ball, and the gutsiest broad of them all.  You are my inspiration to strive, achieve, and love every living thing on this planet.

I’ll love you forever.  And now, so will all who pass through the bell wall to join in marriage, fellowship, and peace.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mumsy.  Love you.

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