My Kind of Research on Marketing to Women

What kind of research have you conducted when it comes to marketing to women?  As you may have read in one of my articles, I’m not over the moon about focus groups or ambush-them-in-the-mall surveys.  Kevin Burke is my new hero.  He’s the founder of Lucid Marketing, which specializes in marketing to moms.  And […] Read more »

Dell’s Slippery Slope

People seemed a bit surprised when, last week, Dell announced it will start selling versions of the Dimensions PC at Wal-Mart.  Folks ask, what happened to Dell’s sword-in-the-stone of “selling direct to the consumer?” For your consideration:  An email I received from my sister two nights before the Dell announcement.  She’s a hotshot web designer […] Read more »

White Dress? No Ride for You!

In the world of marketing to women, there’s no greater three-ring circus than the bridal industry.  An entertaining article in The New York Times takes a look at the Great Bridal Expo, where you’ll find booths promoting porta-potties with Oriental rugs, botox, and teeth whitening. But this one kills me:  East Coast Limousine.  The “wedding […] Read more »