Volvo’s New Level of Security

The new Volvo S80 has taken its image of "driver safety" to a whole new level. With the aid of a personal communicator, the driver is alerted if there’s a stranger in the car, before getting in.  The car can actually detect a heartbeat. Volvo claims this is but one piece of technology that stems […] Read more »

If I Only Had a Tail

I knew there was something missing in my life – a tool to help businesses understand when I am… and am not… a satisfied customer.  I need a tail. According to a story in the Science section of today’s New York Times (subscription required), researchers say that when a dog is happy, its tail wags […] Read more »

American Airlines’ New Webpage for Women

[Update:  Only 24 hours after publishing this post, I received a warm, courteous comment (see comments) from American Airlines.  Looks like they’re serious about making their site succeed – they’re actually listening to what consumers have to say!  It will be great to see what AA does to transform the site…] As a fan of […] Read more »