A "Hot Off the Press" issue of WonderBytes: Lingerie finally gets real:  Dave Young directs us to an excellent article on AmericanSmallBusiness.com, featuring the wildly successful launch of Cacique, a lingerie shop aimed at larger women… What Do Women Want?  That’s the question on the mind of The NY Times, with an article on the […] Read more »

Good Marketing Isn’t Set In Stone

It’s interesting what a big hunk of rock can teach you when it comes to gender stereotypes. Husband and I recently decided to upgrade our kitchen countertops, replacing the Corian with slab granite.  The project has grown in scale proportionate to The Money Pit.  The domino effect takes your breath away.  New countertops also means […] Read more »

The Discovery of Me

“Genetics could be an important factor here.  What is your ancestral makeup?” Am ordinary question from an ordinary doctor, but one that would profoundly transform my perspective as to who I really am. While working to discover the underlying cause of a medical condition, my doctor was trying to see if genetics was, in part, […] Read more »