R.I.P. Vital Radiance

After much ballyhoo in the marketing world and on this blog here and here, it comes as no surprise that Revlon is dropping its Vital Radiance line, along with the chief marketing officer, creative officer and other executives.  Shares of Revlon had recently plunged by about 12 percent. Too bad… from what I hear, the […] Read more »

Help This Blog Evolve

Introducing the latest graduates of WonderBranding, the “Touchy-Feely Cojone Busters.”  Oh yeah, they were quite a group… sometime I’ll have to show you the “moon” shot this class gave the camera. As I give presentations across the country, and as Holly and I continue to teach our seminar, I’m fascinated by the evolution taking place […] Read more »

New Magazine from Consumer Reports

Other than finding myself back on the hamster wheel of business travel and discovering there’s a tarantula living on our back patio, the Remarkable Meter has been pretty much stuck in “ho-hum” mode.  So, imagine my surprise when a renowned left-brain organization like Consumer Reports kicked it up into the red zone. I just picked […] Read more »