One Happy Cat

I hate to say I told you so… but I told you so. Jeff and Bryan Eisenberg’s book, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?, currently sits at #4 on the USA Today bestseller list, is #2 on the Wall Street Journal business bestseller list and #10 on the WSJ non-fiction list. Those of you who […] Read more »

MarketingSherpa Awards Time

I’m honored to have been nominated again this year for MarketingSherpa’s Reader’s Choice Blog & Podcasting Awards.  The roster of nominees is nothing short of impressive – be sure to vote for your favorites.  Voting ends at midnight this Friday. You can vote here:  MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Awards Read more »

Hot Fun in the Summertime

I miss New York in the summertime… cool mornings, good energy and a nice Mr. Softee in the afternoons (with rainbow sprinkles). I’m really gonna miss it next week, since I won’t be able to check out this year’s Hot Tamales Live!, the longest running female comedy/variety show around.  Produced by desperate housewife Eva Longoria, […] Read more »

Fathers Get Their Due

While fathers still only get about 3/4 of the attention that mothers get on their own special holiday, at least spending for dear old dad is on the rise.  The National Retail Foundation projects Father’s Day spending at $9 billion this year, up from $8.2 billion in 2005. Favorite items?  Books, CDs, clothing, meals and […] Read more »