Wizard Week: Walter Koschnitzke

I take great pride in having Walter Koschnitzke as a partner, and not only because I can now spell his name without having to look at his business card.  Walter is going great guns as part of the Wizard of Ads Boom Your Business division, helping small business owners grow beyond their dreams. While I’m […] Read more »

Wizard Week: Chuck McKay

No one is more faithful at writing substantial content on a blog than my partner Chuck McKay.  He never takes the easy road that so many of us do, filling in between posts with bits of jabberwocky.  Each and every post on his blog Fishing for Customers contains an important lesson in business. In his […] Read more »

Wizard Week: Mike Dandridge

I love the PEF stuff (Personal Experience Factor) and partner Mike Dandridge has this stuff down cold.  It’s been his passion for years and he loves sharing his knowledge through his speaking engagements and his blog,  Business Turnaround. Mike’s latest post is called, "Sweating the Small Stuff" which, in this case, involves cookies: "Frances baked […] Read more »

Wizard Week: Sonja Howle

Day two of Wizard Week continues with Sonja Howle, my partner in San Antonio.  Following her passion, Sonja’s expertise lies in experiential marketing in cultural tourism and real estate development.  In other words, she has studied the legendary parterships of art and commerce (Santa Fe Railroad, Rockefeller Center) and applies her knowledge in today’s business […] Read more »

A Week of Wizards: Clay Campbell

I’m traveling this week, but it’s the good kind of road trip… a few days in O’Keeffe country.  And what better time than now to share some of the brainpower that percolates from my Wizard of Ads partners?  Some I write about frequently, like Hispanic Trending, Making Ads Work and Persuasion Architecture.  But there are […] Read more »

Diane Keaton the New Face of L’Oreal

A new report announces the latest match in skin care heaven, between L’Oreal and Oscar winning actress Diane Keaton.  At the age of 60, Keaton still exudes the vivacity of Annie Hall and is a sure winner for the Boomer crowd.  Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton… these cosmetics companies get it when it comes to the […] Read more »