The Evolution of Dove’s Ad Campaign

I’ve written here in the recent past about the success of Dove’s Real Women ad campaign and their website, which features real women and what makes them beautiful.  As for what this campaign as done in terms of increasing U.S. revenue, I don’t have a number but highly suspect it’s gargantuan.  When Dove introduced the […] Read more »

A Whirlwind Trip

Tomorrow, I’m heading east for a couple of days, where I’ll be in a New York state of mind.  A whirlwind trip to work on a client project, sleep with the ghosts of Dorothy and William, and hang out with Matilda. It’s been much too long since these bones soaked in some theater, so that’s […] Read more »

I’m a Genius

I made one of the most brilliant decisions of my life when I invited Holly Buchanan to share teaching duties with me in Austin this past week.  I knew we’d do well together, but wasn’t prepared to be blown away.  We not only click with a natural groove – by the 2nd day we were […] Read more »

The Power of Monday Morning

Reasons to live life to its fullest swirl around us like snowflakes.  For those of you who don’t already receive Roy H. Williams’ Monday Morning Memo, I offer today’s story.  Thank you, Roy, for sharing a small part of your life and reminding us all how important it is to be grateful for  every moment, […] Read more »

Winter in the Desert

After 143 days without a drop of rain, precipitation reached Arizona yesterday.  A drizzle, then a downpour… then SNOW!  The temperature dropped and we had our first sticky snow in years. While I’m sorry for the tourists who deplaned wearing sandals and bermuda shorts, every single native Arizonan wore a silly-ass grin the entire day.  […] Read more »