Catch Up With the Hub, Bub

A new era of business blogging launched today, with the debut of the Corante Marketing Hub.  I am honored to be a contributor amongst a stellar cast of world-class bloggers, including: -Renee Hopkins Callahan    -Elizabeth Albrycht -Tom Asacker                      -Toby Bloomberg-Christopher Carfi               -Bruce Fryer-Susan […] Read more »

Tipping Point for Internet Shopping

While mall retailers bemoan sagging sales on what has come to be known as the tradition of "Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving), reports show an exponentially growing trend for internet shopping.  Now termed "Cyber Monday," a shift seems to be taking place from in-store shopping to purchasing on the internet.  Hey, why not?  You’re […] Read more »

The Measure of a Man (or a Woman)

If you’re one of the blessed few who has come into gigantic mounds of money by way of business rather than inheritance, there are two ways you can show me what you’re worth. 1)  Sit next to me in first-class on a trip home from Chicago and talk about everything related to how much money […] Read more »

How to Lose a Sale in Two Words

Holly asks, "Can you lose a sale in two words?"  The answer is a resounding yes. Check out her post about The Power of Personalization for some great insight into how easy it is to throw away your chance to woo female consumers.  Even if small errors in judgement are unintentional, in the end it’s […] Read more »

Carnival of Marketing

With all the various carnival blogtrips out there, Noah Kagan finally took the bull by the horns and developed the first Carnival of Marketing.  Be sure to check out this week’s traveling roadshow, featuring links to Mimforums, Brand Autopsy, new marketing commentator, Collaborate Marketing, OkDork… and yours truly. Read more »