Next Gal Party in Chicago!

Thanks to everyone who responded to my recent shout-out to Chicago, looking for gals to join a "girl party" conversation group as part of an exciting consumer research project for a major retailer.  The two groups filled up quicker than you can say, "Windy City." Guess what?  We’re on the hunt again!  Same project, and […] Read more »

The Brave New World of Persuasion

From time to time I write about thoughts I have and the philosophy I follow when it comes to marketing – eliminating stereotypes when thinking about your customers, the parallels between generational values and the importance of knowing the "inner self" of your customer. Be sure to check out the newest edition of Grokdotcom, the […] Read more »

How Women Lead

It’s a little late, but if you can get your hands on a copy of the October 24th edition of Newsweek, it’s worth a read.  The cover features Oprah Winfrey and the headline, “How Women Lead.”  It’s a top-notch look at a number of female leaders – in entertainment, business, government, education – and offers […] Read more »

Keep the Change

Now this I like… Bank of America’s new Keep the Change program. Everytime you buy something with your debit card, Bank of America rounds it up to the nearest dollar and deposits the change into a savings account for you.  For the first three months, they’ll match your savings 100%. Sometimes, powerful innovation is based […] Read more »

The Rant from Outer Space

When I was young I talked myself into believing I was an alien.  Not from another country but  another planet.  My family had a knack for seeming a little miscast at times, blown sideways through life.   Clearly, I had been sent to earth by way of aluminum pod.  Even a birth certificate and photos from […] Read more »

I Want You, Chicago!

I am working on an exciting consumer behavior research project at the moment for a major consumer retailer and will be traveling to Chicago in early November to conduct two "girl party" conversation group events.  I am coordinating two events for women 25-40, single or married, with no children. Do you fit the bill or […] Read more »