Was Amazon Shamed Into This?

Interesting turn of events.  Amazon and others have now posted a small donation link for hurricane relief on their website.  According to Hugh Hewitt’s blog (linked by Paul Chaney), this was the status yesterday afternoon:

An Amazon spokesperson said that the online retailer had no plans to
post a donation link on its site. “Each case is different,” she said.
“The Red Cross has essentially given over its entire site to donations.
The tsunami came out of the blue, so it was an ‘all hands on deck’
situation, but the Red Cross has been getting ready for this and
getting its message out there for several days.”

Too bad it took a couple of days and some stink for others to get in the groove.

I urge you to give till it hurts.  Counting my blessings today and I’m already up to 1,314…

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  1. Mary Schmidt says:

    I think I’m up to #2,522 in counting my blessings. Of course, this doesn’t have the shock value of being attacked out of the blue by terrorists, but this is far worse than 9/11 in both breadth and depth. Really whacks in the head re perspective doesn’t it? one example – went to my garage today – car dies. I push back in garage. Go into my nice clean, safe house, pour a glass of wine and call a friend to come look at it. And, I’m not even upset. And, yes, give until it hurts.

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