WWW Friday: Holly Buchanan

As Wonder Women Week winds to a close, I’m sure to be accused of saving the best for last.  What can I say?  Holly Buchanan has a brain that snaps, crackles and pops like nobody’s business.  She’s also one of the few people whose emails often cause me to erupt in a full-out belly laugh. […] Read more »

WWW Thursday: Mary Schmidt

I knew I’d like Mary Schmidt from the moment she posted on my blog, commenting something to the effect, "Snarky Blondes Unite!"  After spending time on her blog, I liked her even more. This is one sharp business woman, with a great mind for strategy and tactics. Take this quote from a recent post on […] Read more »

WWW Wednesday: Toby Bloomberg

I was truly bummed last week when my schedule did not allow time to get together with blogging pal Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing while in Atlanta.  The fab new design of her blog is enhanced only by her sparkling writing and promoting of blogs as an effective marketing tool. I love what Toby had […] Read more »

WWW Tuesday: Andrea Learned

It’s the second day of Wonder Women Week, but Andrea Learned is second to none.  The author (with Lisa Johnson) of Don’t Think Pink, Andrea’s blog lends clarity to the topic of marketing to women from many perspectives… and she always remembers the importance of men in woman’s world. Here’s one of my favorite recent […] Read more »

Wonder Women Week: Yvonne Divita

Airplanes, meetings and deadlines are the dragons of my week and there are many to be slain.  So, I’m taking advantage of a long-awaited opportunity to connect you with some of my favorite businesswomen bloggers, hereby declaring Wonder Women Week.  If you haven’t already, you’ll be meeting a set of savvy (and sometimes sassy) business […] Read more »

The Questions Business Owners Rarely Ask Themselves

When teaching a bunch of folks about marketing to women as I did last weekend at The Garden Center Group conference in Atlanta (who knew garden center owners could be such party animals?), it’s important that I present information beyond the ordinary.  Yes, I deliver the statistics and talk about why it’s important to market […] Read more »