Just Wondering…

… what’s going on with website fundraising for Katrina victims through companies like Amazon?  They magnificently stepped up to the plate after the tsunami in Indonesia… where are they now? The American Red Cross needs your help… you can donate here. Read more »


– Go Forth and Wear Jeans: Gap working hard to catch up to boomer clothing market with new Forth & Towne chain… – It’s Not Fast Food, Really!  Bennigan’s opens new Grill & Tavern concept restaurant in airports, catering to what they call "the fast paced experience…" – Can Chanel Tooth Spacers Be Far Behind?  […] Read more »

FTD Sues ProFlowers

In a double-whammy maneuver, FTD is fighting to protect its revenue and market the company at the same time by filing suit against the owner of ProFlowers for alleged false claims in advertising.  FTD questions the validity of ProFlowers’ practice of advertsing the shipping of its flowers "direct from the fields."  According to SEC documents, […] Read more »

A Good Man is Hard to Find

Andrea over at Learned on Women makes some excellent points in her series Men Are Relevant to the Women’s Market.  She notes how great it is to see images of men making it back onto the scene when it comes to advertising scenarios in marketing to women campaigns. "While I am glad that marketers have […] Read more »