– Rethink Pink announces date for 2005 London Conference… – Chicago is host city for the Marketing 2 Moms conference this October…  – Forrester Research and Shop.org say Women Rule, with new report stating that online sales are expected to increase by 22% this year thanks to a growing female shopper population… – Retail Wire […] Read more »

On the Air

I’m proud to announce the launch of WonderBranding.com, the official website for Wizard of Ads – Michele Miller, Ltd.  The website was created as a response to the many inquiries I get about the services I offer, workshops, speaking, etc. Hope you’ll check it out from time to time, as it will be updated with […] Read more »

Bridging the Gap in Retail

Today’s story in the Wall Street Journal about malls courting more boutique-type stores is certainly reflected in my own shopping experience these days.  The two most recent stores to open in my local mall have been Burberry and Kate Spade.  What’s a large chain retailer to do? Gap is wasting no time in reinventing itself, […] Read more »

Did You Hear the One About…?

Statistics show that women are three times as likely to tell others about a consumer experience (good or bad), and prefer learning about a product or service from other women. Word of mouth has launched some of the greatest business success stories ever, including Krispy Kreme and Yellow Tail Wine.  Until recently, trying to measure […] Read more »

Grandma’s Brag Book

My 18 year old grandson graduated from high school this weekend. You heard me. While Cam (seen here with his sister, Kaitlyn) may not be related to me by blood, the bond is about as good as any grandmother could hope for.  Why do I feel that way? Because Cam has been open, warm, and […] Read more »

Cal-i-forn-ia, Here I Come…

It’s a few days of tech-free living for me, as I head to southern California for a family graduation event.  Well, OK… I will be checking in from time to time via the hotel computer, but at least I won’t have my laptop glued to my hip thru the airport!  See you next week – […] Read more »