Run for the Borders

Finally, someone is getting it right.  I’ve long complained about "rewards programs" that require an up-front payment just to join. I just received an email from Borders, announcing the new Borders Rewards program.  The tag line reads: "Membership is free, because rewards shouldn’t cost you a thing." Borders has taken the bad rap of pseudo-rewards […] Read more »

WonderBoys Seize the Day

Call to Action, the book that teaches you the secrets to converting online traffic, is now listed as a USA Today and New York Times bestseller, and just hit #4 on the Wall Street Journal’s business book bestsellers list.  And they did it completely through viral marketing… you can read about it here. Can’t tell […] Read more »

WonderBranding Nominated for Award

It’s time again for Marketing Sherpa’s Reader’s Choice Awards, and we’re proud to announce that WonderBranding has been nominated for best blog in the Niche Marketing category.  I share the category with two of my favorite blogs, Lip-Sticking and the [non]billable hour. If you like what you read here, I’d be honored if you’d vote […] Read more »

Super Buzz

Boy, are you a player. If you’re reading this, you are hot.  As in being part of the generation  that’s riding the wave of new trends in communication. The Center for Media Research reports today on the findings of several surveys and studies by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.  Today, 16% of U.S. […] Read more »

New Wine in An Old Bottle

To:         Andrea LearnedFrom:     Michele MillerSubject:  A New Wine for Women Hey Andrea! Saw this article today and thought of you, since you’ve written about wine.  What do you think about this?  New Wine Targets Women With Clever Marketing Do you think that women really want wine with a lower alcohol content? […] Read more »

Funny You Should Mention It…

A timely follow-up to my recent posts about the decline of female newspaper readership and trends in technology…  today’s research brief from the Center for Media Research says that daily US newspaper circulation dropped 1.9% in the six-month period ending March 31, which was the largest decline since 1995-1996. Merrill Brown, a media consultant and […] Read more »