Just Gotta Say…

… that I’m LOVING all the comments and discussion going on over the GM post below.  So much honest, intellectual, passionate feedback of all kinds – this is GREAT!  And yes, I do have a couple of things in mind for GM, but will have to post at a later date, as I’m out the […] Read more »

GM Redux

Not even the best informed journalists and business pundits were prepared for the figure General Motors recently posted as a loss in the first quarter of 2005: $1.1 billion.  Holy crap. Just as the politicians who live a fairy tale existence within the Beltway Bubble of Washington, DC, the executives calling the shots from inside […] Read more »

A Special Call to Action

With all the renewed talk about the rise of the internet and its undeniable power as the marketing vehicle of the future, now is the time to sit down and think seriously about the current state of your website and its effectiveness.   Has your website evolved to fill the current needs of consumers?  Are you […] Read more »

Role Playing – a Nod or a Tweak?

I received an email from a reader today, alerting me to RedEnvelope’s new homepage for Mother’s Day. Rather than reveal her feelings about the ad, I thought I’d show it to you first: (click on the photo to enlarge) I’m just curious… what is your reaction to the copy?  We talk a lot about marketing […] Read more »