Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I’ve just finished reading a pre-publication copy of Seth Godin’s newest book, All Marketers Are Liars.  Liars in the sense that good marketers tell great and remarkable stories.  And, as Seth says, "If they do it right, we believe them.  We believe that wine tastes better in a $20 glass than a $1 glass… we […] Read more »

Pier 1 Answers Cluephone

Nice to read the announcement today that Pier 1’s new advertising campaign "cuts celebrities, lets its products do the talking."  If, a few months ago, you read my thoughts on what Pier 1 should do with their marketing, you’ll note that some genius at Deutsch read my mind. If Pier 1 handles it with care, […] Read more »

So, I Can’t Add…

If you’ve read the comments in my last post, you’ll note that Elana and Pam are right — a woman the age I described wouldn’t officially fall into the "Boomer" category.  I’m off by about ten years… sorry for that.  I think it was probably her attitude rather than her age that placed her (in […] Read more »

3 Gals Walk on to a Plane…

More than anything, I just wanted to get home.  Three hours earlier, I’d wrapped up another two-day Wonderbranding seminar.  The individuals that honored me just by showing up were some of the most delightful and insightful participants to date, but now I was concentrating on the reward of a good night’s sleep in my own […] Read more »

BBBT: Naked in the Boardroom

WonderBranding is pleased to welcome Robin Wolaner, author of, "Naked in the Boardroom."  the book that is already garnering fantastic reviews. MM:  Robin, thanks for joining us today here at WonderBranding.  Your new book, "Naked in the Boardroom," is refreshingly candid, using examples from your real life.  I’m sure I am just one of the […] Read more »

Naked in the Boardroom

No, not me… Robin Wolaner.  This week, WonderBranding will be a stop on the latest Business Book Blogging Tour.  I’ll be interviewing author Robin Wolaner on her new book, "Naked in the Boardroom."  Lest you be fooled into thinking this is just another "girl power" business book, take my word for it – it’s a […] Read more »

Newest WonderBranding Class

Introducing the latest WonderBranding Class – March 2005 – aptly named "The Persona-fying Brown Nosers" (hey, you had to be there).  We had a terrific time.  Thanks, everyone – you were awesome! Next WonderBranding seminar is June 9-10 at Wizard Academy – be there or be square! Read more »