And the Winner Is…

It looks like Sunday’s telecast of the 77th annual Academy Awards will take a walk of its own on the red carpet and challenge the stature of the Super Bowl ads.  After a five year absence, beauty advertisers are once again taking center stage during the show with a series of seven commercials from L’Oreal. […] Read more »

I Want to Be Alone

People say opposites attract, but my husband and I share the nature of the introvert.  Don’t get me wrong, I love people.  It’s just that, as Alice Munro says, "My charm has a time limit."  Introverts are those folks who would rather make an infomercial purchase via a website than calling an "operator standing by." […] Read more »

My One Year Blogiversary

Hard to believe it’s been one year since launching myself into the blogosphere!  Little did I know that this new universe would offer connections, opportunities and friends galore (thanks, Dave). I’m looking forward to another year of writing, teaching, and working with clients on the essence of marketing to women.  Hope you’ll keep reading!  Read more »

The Hovermeister

I travel to Austin on a regular basis for Wizard of Ads business.  It might be for client meetings, partner think tanks, or the Wizard Academy.  More often than not, one of the participants is partner Thomas Tucker – webmaster for the Wizard of Ads sites and owner of Hover Studios web design firm.  He […] Read more »

I’m Ready for My Closeup, Mr. Demille

This doesn’t have much to do with marketing to women, but indulge me.  Introducing the Thumbdance Film Festival, "an online competition to find the funniest, best and brightest in film, video and animation content for mobile phones."  There are four categories in which you can compete: Comedy, Drama, Animation and Video Shot on a Mobile […] Read more »

David is a Cool Friend

Congratulations to my blogging friend and colleague David Wolfe on being named the newest "Cool Friend" of Tom Peters.  David is the author of Ageless Marketing, the brilliant book that states, "A new customer majority has emerged. For the first time ever, most adults are 40 or older. This New Customer Majority has radically changed […] Read more »