The Trickle Up Theory

In a nice twist recognizing the purchasing power of today’s women, it seems that Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement are taking the gender issue one step up the corporate ladder – female store managers. According to a new article: " Thirty years ago, people took note as women became managers. Today, as marketing trends […] Read more »

Show Me the Money

Merrill Lynch is working hard to tap into the affluent women’s market.  Their latest venture, called "Women of the World," features a 176-piece collection of artwork, painted by women from every country around the globe, depicting women at work in various countries.  A reception for 300 prominent businesswomen, politicians and philanthropists at the World Financial […] Read more »

You Say Gray Matter, I Say White Matter

Returned home late last night from doing three breakout sessions on marketing for the Hot Springs Spas national conference in San Diego.  Fantastic crowd and a great day all around.  Ben McConnell from Church of the Customer was the keynote speaker and gave a terrific presentation on Creating Customer Evangelists.  Nice to have a chance […] Read more »

Next WonderBranding Seminar

You’ve been reading about marketing to women, but you’d like to learn more.  You’re a business owner who wants to develop the right strategy to attract female consumers.  You work for a non-profit organization and need to understand how you can connect with the women who sit on the boards of grant-making foundations.  You’re an […] Read more »

Unmentionables That Are Very Mentionable

A few weeks ago I wrote about a fresh trend in which stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are beginning to use mannequins that more accurately reflect today’s fuller figure.  It seems that businesses beyond major department stores are listening to what women want and need, right down to their unmentionables. Meet Julianna Rae, a line […] Read more »

Where Art Thou, Blogger?

I am honored that Jon from Business Evolutionist has invited me to participate in an exciting and impactful writing project: 100 Bloggers.   What is it?  Well, I think Jeremy will forgive me if I steal his wording: If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to a book, boy have I got a chance for you. […] Read more »