Wonder Dog

Meet Coco the Wonder Dog.  This little Labradoodle pup will be the newest addition to our household as of December 28th.  At nine weeks, he is already a clown and-a-half, and except for the housetraining part, we can’t wait to get him home. Neither my husband nor I have had a dog in a very […] Read more »

Marketing by Generation

When addressing a group or conference, one of the ideas I speak about is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to market to women by way of traditional age demographics.  In observing recent trends in human behavioral study, Baby Boomers, and the patterns that exist between generations, I’ve often said that the young women of today […] Read more »

2 Degrees of Separation

That’s how close I am to being able to walk up to George Clooney, look him in the eye, and tell him what a fine lookin’ stud muffin…. ahem, actor… he is. Rather than get myself arrested, I’m going to brag on my most recent client – Alex Caldwell, founder and creator of Vivian Alexander […] Read more »

Top 24 of 2004

Here’s WonderBranding’s Top 24 of 2004.  Happy reading! Why Pier 1’s Ship Hasn’t Come In Getting to Know You – Part I Getting to Know You – Part II Pain in the Brain Intuition – Nothing Up My Sleeve Intuition – Part II Intuition III – Eye of the Beholder Intuition – Final Thoughts Woman […] Read more »

Some Final Shakeout from Volvo’s YCC

A few months ago, I wrote about the Volvo YCC, designed and engineered by women… for women.  While Volvo never intended to mass produce the vehicle, they are true to their word with a recent announcement about how they’ll incorporate their findings into future vehicles.  In the next few years, keep your eye out for […] Read more »

Just Wondering…

…why the online sports league stores (let alone individual team websites) don’t have gift certificates available for purchase, especially during holiday season?  I’ve been searching through sites, trying to buy gifts for long-distance relatives – sure would be nice to give them an "official" NBA Store gift card to let them pick exactly what they […] Read more »