Throwing a Curve Ball at Fitness

Controversy aside, Gary Heavin is sitting pretty these days, smack-dab in the middle of the business spotlight.  Heavin, founder of the extraordinarily popular Curves fitness chain, has just been named Ernst & Young’s "Entrepreneur of the Year" in the service industry category. Starting with a $10,000 investment and a single gym in 1995, Heavin now […] Read more »

Thinking About Strength

If you haven’t yet happened upon Yvonne Divita’s Lip-Sticking blog, allow me to send you over there, pronto.  Yvonne has become my favorite all-around person in the blogosphere and I am increasingly impressed with her gift of daily writings.  Today Yvonne offers food for thought on marketing to women and the words "strong woman."  When […] Read more »

Go Ahead, Make My Day

A short while back I wrote about connecting your customers with a cause outside your business, referring to Katherine Stone’s post on DonorsChoose – the organization that matches donors with worthwhile education projects.  Initially visiting their website just to check them out, I ended up contributing the final amount needed for photography project at a […] Read more »

What Revlon Can Learn From Pottery Barn

Adrants recently reported that Revlon will not be renewing its contract with Deutsch, the advertising agency responsible for the recent "Every Woman Has a Story" campaign.  According to the post: "Revlon EVP Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Klein said the company’s recent Deutsch created ad campaign is "increasing purchase intent and brand imagery" but has failed […] Read more »

Travel Hangover

Just returned from my latest and last trip for 2004 – a phenomenal online copywriting seminar taught by the folks at FutureNow. Long trip home via Salt Lake City… now dealing with a travel hangover.  But it’s so good to be home!  Taking a couple of deep breaths before tackling the Everest of writing and […] Read more »