Truth in Sizing

Sounds like some marketing mavens out there are wisening up to the fact that the average woman doesn’t match the mini-measurements of those shop window mannequins. According to a recent story by FoxNews, mainstream department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are beginning to use mannequins that more accurately reflect today’s fuller figure. “They have ample […] Read more »

Consistency of Message

One definition of vanity, via “Excessive pride in one’s appearance or accomplishments.” Arizona rates second only to California in the number of vanity plates on automobiles. Here is one of my favorites: This morning, maneuvering through Scottsdale rush hour, I spied this plate: Easy to figure out… RECYCLER. Nice notion, nice pride in taking […] Read more »

Tom Peters Blogs About Rethink Pink

Management icon Tom Peters recently asked me for the low-down on what happened at the Rethink Pink! conference in London. He apparently likes what he heard, because he blogged about it today. Now, if we can just talk him into joining us on the U.S. leg of the Rethink Pink tour… Tom Peters: Rethink Pink! […] Read more »

Rethink Pink! Wrapup

It’s interesting that it took two men — Peter Frost and Peter Belmonte — to brainstorm, produce and promote London’s first conference on marketing to women, Rethink Pink. You don’t just have to take my word on what a wild success it was. I just received the results of their “happiness survey,” in which a […] Read more »

Origin of Brands – Part III

Colleague and internet diva Yvonne Divita asks a pertinent question concerning “The Brand Called Me:” Michele knows I’m going to chime in with a question regarding women…my focus is marketing to women who shop online, for which I produced a print on demand book and now a website. It’s an area I see articles addressing, […] Read more »

Origin of Brands, Part II

In commenting on today’s interview with Al & Laura Ries, Eric Rdz asked: Dear Al & Laura, You say “If you want to be a successful company then your brand need a clear focus and a good positioning” My question is about the Growth Opportunities of this Marketing Strategy ? How can we know if […] Read more »