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I just got off the phone with friend and colleague Peter Frost, the mastermind behind the upcoming Rethink Pink! conference in London on October 13th. The conference is no small tea party, by any means — this is the world of the big dogs. Sponsored by Cosmopolitan magazine and iVillageUK, Rethink Pink has been whipping the major news and PR outlets into a frenzy – I understand that tomorrow there will be a feature in the Independent and the Financial Times will have a two-page story next Tuesday.

Focused on marketing to women, the conference program is a veritable feast of speaking, dialogue, and interaction. Get a load of some of the session topics:

The Wonder of Women
The Age of the Female Prosumer
Marketing to Women is Meaningless… a Disruptive Approach
The Madonna Whore Revolution
Don’t Pigeonhole Me… an International Perspective

Featured speakers (in addition to yours truly) include:

Sam Baker – Cosmopolitan
Dr. Glenda Stone – Aurora Women’s Network
Jonathan Mildenhall – TBWA London
Emma Laney – McCann Erickson
Becky Barry – Leo Burnett
Lindsey Clay – J. Walter Thompson

We’re gonna rock the house.

If you find yourself in London on October 13th, join us — that is, if you can still get a ticket. Especially if you’re a member of my favorite species… men. We need as many saavy, smart, caring male businessmen as we can round up for this shindig — there are still too many out there in denial about the purchasing power of women – both as consumers and businesswomen.

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  1. Keep the info flowing, Michele. ReThink Pink sounds like a happening place to be! Glad we’ll keep informed about it through you. I have the link and logo on Lip-sticking, also…but you have the inside track! Tres cool!

  2. aleah says:

    Oooh, I’d give my best shoes to go. The topics sound really amazing. Be sure to report back on all the worthwhile information exchanges. Have fun!

  3. I would like to point out that my birthday is on October 13th and I am throwing a tea party! (Just in case anyone becomes confused and ends up at my place instead of London.)
    This event sounds rock’en. I’m very jealous I don’t have any shoes to hawk on ebay to get a ticket to London! Keep us updated… I’m especially interested in the session on how to become a whore like Madonna. πŸ˜‰

  4. Colleen Beamer says:

    Hi. I am a business women in Canada who found your site. Do you have email newsletters I could receive?
    Thanks in advance

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