Hot Topic with Tom

Quite the thread building on Tom Peters’ blog, with his recent post, titled “Idiots!” “My colleague Dini Coffin (Enterprise Media) faxed me a Cingular ad on September 21st, with a cover note that cryptically said, “What’s wrong with this picture?” The ad’s tagline was “4 of the top 5 commercial banks use Cingular for wireless […] Read more »

Getting to Know You – Part I

In the days of vaudeville, there was a popular Abbott & Costello-type comedy routine called “Niagara Falls.” It involved a man who, recounting a rejection from his fiancee, would go into a hypnotic state each time he heard the words “Niagara Falls.” He would turn slowly, rubber prop in hand, and beat the living daylights […] Read more »

Rethink Pink! Feature…

To give you an idea of the kind of attention this conference is getting… along with some fascinating statistics and insights on marketing to women, check out today’s article in the Independent. Rethink Pink! article 9/29/04 PDF Read more »

Rethink Pink!

I just got off the phone with friend and colleague Peter Frost, the mastermind behind the upcoming Rethink Pink! conference in London on October 13th. The conference is no small tea party, by any means — this is the world of the big dogs. Sponsored by Cosmopolitan magazine and iVillageUK, Rethink Pink has been whipping […] Read more »

Getting Political

There’s a lot of talk out there about Presidential candidates who are not “reaching out” to American women. What disturbs me more are the statistics on the number of single women that don’t even exercise their right to vote. Part of my WonderBranding course is devoted to the history of the American feminist movement in […] Read more »

If You Have to Be Stranded…

… Aspen is the place. Left last Friday for a long weekend with family, my last chance for a tiny bit of (working) R&R before hitting the road once again. Aspen is my ol’ stomping ground, having spent glorious summers there either as a student at or working for the Aspen Music Festival. This is […] Read more »


One definition: the study of airflow and the forces of resistance and pressure that result from the flow of air over, under and around a moving object. How are the aerodynamics of your marketing and branding program? With the aid of constant fine-tuning, does it flow and glide effortlessly, passing the competition? Have you paid […] Read more »