Not Your Mother’s Pac-Man…

Peter over at Thinking has a great post today on a new Scholarship to Get Women in Game Development. As Peter says: “You can make all the calls and declarations you want about the potential of women in the video game business but until women get a seat at the tables of the game producers […] Read more »

Enterprise Part Deux

Wizard of Ads partner Steve Rae recently posted my Real Life WonderBranding story about Enterprise Rent-a-Car on his Touch Points blog — it reminded me of a much-needed Enterprise update… I walked out of the Austin International Airport last Wednesday into what can only be described as a “wet blanket” – typical Texas weather and […] Read more »

My Life as a Suitcase

Tonight it’s Carlsbad, California, just north of San Diego. Tomorrow I am set to spend an entire day presenting the Wizard of Ads marketing seminar to a room full of hot tub dealers. Not just marketing to women… marketing to everyone. It’s funny how I never feel really “prepared” for a presentation (although I am) […] Read more »

WonderBranding Class Photo

Our newest graduates – a brilliant, creative bunch of small business owners that are taking the world by storm! Representative business categories included: Online University Textbook Store Project Management Consultants Music Ministry Boutique Jewelry Educational Products for Children’s Safety Builder’s Supplies Art Gallery Custom Home Builder Financial Services Floral Design Yoga Studio Food Delivery Service […] Read more »

Fine-Tuning Your Vision

Well, if it’s Wednesday, it must be Austin… I am delighted to be ensconced in the Omni Southpark, perched upon my hotel bed writing this via the magic of the free high-speed wireless internet. I’m in town for the next round of my WonderBranding seminar, which begins bright and early on Thursday morning. I arrived […] Read more »