Workin’ It at the Car Wash

In their new book, “Don’t Think Pink,” authors Lisa Johnson and Andrea Learned have coined a term for my favorite type of marketing to women – Transparent Marketing. As Lisa and Andrea put it, “Visible Campaigns” are unquestionably aimed directly at women, while Transparent Campaigns resonate with women. They say: “A subtle, yet more sophisticated, […] Read more »

Bond… Jane Bond

Another reason to mind your P’s and Q’s in the area of customer service – here’s an excerpt from an interesting article on “Mystery Shopping Mommies” from CNN: If you love to shop, why not get paid for it? That’s the idea behind mystery shopping. Companies hire shoppers to go to their stores, restaurants, amusement […] Read more »

Sunsets Across America

Aloha, friends. Back from the Big Island and a lovely vacation. Miss me? While we were enjoying one of our last sunsets in Kona… My friends and partners in Austin were catching a beautiful sunset of their own… Sunset in Austin, viewed from the grounds of the new Wizard Academy Campus. Emailed to me by […] Read more »

Fouroboros: Systems Thinking

Ah… a few more days of vacation for me, but for you…. some food for your brain! Anything that Mark Brady over at Fouroboros writes is a virtual feast for the noggin. Here’s a post from awhile back that is just a typical example of the depth of Mark’s Think Tank: Growing up around a […] Read more »

Re:Invention – We Can Talk About Shoes…

If you want to see someone get passionate about life, just check out Kirsten at Re:Invention . She’s the only blogger I know that maintains a photo gallery of shoes that she covets. Kirsten recently wrote a fantastic post questioning the inability of women to talk openly about failure. Here’s a tidbit: They say one […] Read more »