Are You Ready for Some Football?

Sports Business News has just released some interesting demographic statistics from the National Football League, including that the league continues to reach more affluent fans than most other sports. Over 31.5 percent of NFL fans own a home valued at over $150,000. And guess what? Women make up nearly 40 percent of the NFL’s fan […] Read more »

Border? What Border?

Here are a few eye-opening, midweek tidbits: – The Hispanic population boomed 61% between 1990 and 2003 – exploding from 21.9 million to 35.3 million – making it the fastest-growing group in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. – It is projected that the Hispanic population will triple in size by 2050, reaching 24% […] Read more »

Smith College Redux

What I love about blogging is the immediate response I sometimes get to a post. After writing about Smith College’s forward-thinking vision in establishing a degree program in Engineering for women (see “Brave New World,” below), I heard from Katie, a Smith grad and an alumnae interviewer for prospective students to Smith. Katie says: “Many […] Read more »

Brave New World

Chalk another one up for today’s young women, as Smith College graduated their very first class of engineering majors this past weekend – first all-female college in the U.S. to achieve this milestone. From the article on “Sarah Jaffray arrived at Smith College with a plan to study physics or German. Then, in her […] Read more »

Food, Glorious Food!

I had a delightful conversation with London-based writer Hugh Westbrook a couple of weeks ago, and was interviewed for an article on gender-based food marketing for the online site Hugh emailed this morning to say that the article is now online and will be available to the general public for the next few days…. […] Read more »

A Race Against Time

If your world is like mine, the idea of a good physical workout is a paradox. Here is something that when done regularly, makes you feel good… really good. You are more toned, focused, and full of energy. You love working up a good sweat on the elliptical machine, and discover new places that you […] Read more »