Tom, Martha, and Marketing to Women

If you’re available next Wednesday (May 5), you might want to check out the latest edition of “Tom Peters Live,” a free web seminar that will feature guest Martha Barletta, author of “Marketing to Women.” They promise a lively discussion and will answer questions from participants. For more info and registration: Click here Read more »

Pain in the Brain

A report on another cutting-edge, gender-based, brain study has been published by the UCLA Center for Neurovisceral Sciences & Women’s Health. Led by head researcher Dr. Emeran Mayer, the UCLA team took PET scans to measure pain levels and areas of activity in 24 men and 26 women. The results? Another notch in the belt […] Read more »

Estee Lauder, Mistress of Marketing

Estee Lauder, creator of the namesake cosmetic behemoth, died this past weekend at the age of 97. Obituaries abound, but I’ve found only one that addresses her genius for marketing to women. Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune opens her tribute with this teaser: Do we mourn the passing of cosmetics magnate Estee Lauder because […] Read more »

Man on Fire

When it comes to the gift of the “Think – Write – Flow” process, Mark Brady over at Fouroboros has it. Period. He often reminds me of a great jazz musician, riffing at a level that sometimes blows me away. Being fairly new to the writing game, I not only look upon this blog as […] Read more »

Now If They’ll Just Stop Losing My Luggage…

There’s no question who dreads going to the airport more – the traveller or the kind-hearted soul that agrees to slog all the way out to the airport to pick up said journeyman. During these days of “no stopping – no standing – no waiting” outside of airport terminals, trying to connect with an pick-up […] Read more »

Let’s Get This Party Started

In keeping with the old saying, “Timing is everything,” I received an invitation to my 25th high school reunion today – just in time for celebration of my 43rd birthday this weekend. Regretfully, I won’t be able to make it to the reunion, since I’m sure to be busy tweezing gray hairs out of various […] Read more »

Give a Girl a Chance

Katherine over at Decent Marketing has written an excellent post on a March 29th article in Business Week, discussing the controversy over the hiring of Ann Fudge as Young & Rubicam’s new CEO. Apparently, some of the suits are concerned about working with a woman that not only hugs people, but actually had the nerve […] Read more »