Makin’ the Catch

I received such great feedback from my post titled “Do They Have Their Wires Crossed?” (March 18). I thought I’d post a shining example of how one consumer electronics store is actually catching some of those “fly balls” that have been whizzing their way. Here’s an excerpt from the email I received from Phil Melton, […] Read more »

Great Monday Morning Memo

Some of you are already familiar with the teachings of my senior partner, Roy H. Williams. Otherwise known as the “Wizard of Ads,” Roy has written several best-selling books on marketing and advertising. If you go to the Wizard Academy website, you can subscribe to his Monday Morning Memo. I’ve found nothing better to start […] Read more »

No, It’s Not the Latest Drinking Craze…

“You should be blogging, you know,” said my Wizard of Ads partner Dave Young, recently. “Why should I blog?” asked I, unaware of what blogging was and secretly wondering if it was legal. The answer came in the form of Dave’s new audiobook, “Why We Blog… and You Should Too!” After reading it, I was […] Read more »

Taking A Trip Thru the Looking Glass

Take a step through the looking-glass and peer into a Wonderland where marketing (as you know it) is turned on its head… where traditional concepts and beliefs are replaced with new perspectives and fresh ideas for business success. Welcome to the world of Wonder Branding: Marketing to Women. If you’re a subscriber to this blog, […] Read more »

Emotional Memory Part 2

Every day, women are subjected to a flood of images and sounds from the outside world. Each and every one of those stimuli is registered in the brain, triggering memories and feelings that they react to either consciously or unconsciously. How many times do you think a woman has said to herself, “My brain is […] Read more »

Do They Have Their Wires Crossed?

On February 20, I posted a statistic from a report issued by the Consumer Electronics Association (Who Says Women Aren’t Plugged In?), stating that women were responsible for $55 of the $96 billion spent last year on consumer electronics. Delving deeper into this report, here are some more flag-waving statistics: –Nearly three-quarters of women surveyed […] Read more »

If I Had a Hammer…

There seems to be turf war brewing between the two major players in home improvement. Following on the heels of Lowe’s impressive sales numbers, Home Depot is currently in the middle of re-tooling its marketing… to women. Both companies have dedicated themselves to paying more attention to the female customer, with everything from a re-design […] Read more »